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Importance Of Yoga In Our Life

Yoga is an Indian spiritual and physical practice or discipline whose origins date back to prehistoric times. Contrary to what some may think, Yoga is not just about exercise with the main purpose of improving health and well-being, but it’s also about self-realization, Physical and Mental relaxation.

The importance of Yoga in our lives cannot be underestimated. It is a science that focuses on improving not only physical health but also mental and spiritual well-being, which are the foundations of our life.

You will be surprised at how many health benefits Yoga has to offer. From offering relief from stress and weight management to improving your overall health, this ancient practice can help you live an ideal life

Benefits Of YOGA

YOGA provide many uncountable benefits and some I am listing below. We are trying to make efforts to make our people experience these benefits in easy ways

YOGA help posture correction.

YOGA help in reduce anxiety etc

YOGA help in body relaxation.

YOGA helps in weight loss.

YOGA helps in better sleep Quality.

YOGA helps in body toning.

What’s Mentioned In Bhagvad Gita for YOGA

“Yoga is the Journey of the self, to the self, through the self.”

-Bhagavad Gita

Words By Great Peronalities About “YOGA”

“All this bringing of the mind into a higher state of Vibration is included in on word YOGA

Swami Vivekananda

“The meaning of out self is not to but found in its separateness from God YOGA, of union.”

Rabindranath Tagore

“To perform every action artfully is YOGA

Swami Kripalu


Looking for a way to improve your yoga practice at home or on the go?

We are presenting and idea to provide yoga app, where users can access classes, yoga poses, educational content, and motivation all from their smartphone, tablet, or another electronic device.

We design app for all abilities, All age groups, some targeting advanced yogis and others targeting those new to practices. While most people think of yoga as a practice designed to improve flexibility, it can also build strength. Aside from its physical benefits, yoga has been shown to improve mental health and reduce anxiety. This yoga app will allow you to access these full-body benefits wherever you are, offering pre-designed routines and the ability to customize programs specific to your needs

Blueprint Of YOGA App

We are trying an efforts to make citizen of country of all age groups to be aware benefits of practicing YOGA. We are presenting an idea to make YOGA ,YOGIS in everyone's home in just a simple click using their smart phone.

User can start the app with beautiful and appealing Splash Screen. For reference you can see the screen on other side.

Gender Selection

Male and female bodies are different. In this app we ask user to select their gender whether its Male or Female.

Capturing right data help us suggest better suggestion for Yoga. As per research there is very slight difference both men and women can do same YOGA practices but we here is app try to know every user body right from start.

Here User can select

  • Male
  • Female

Moving NEXT will SAVE this information

Knowing Body

We give option to User to enter their Weight, Height, as well Age in very easy way. We will provide user a very user friendly app which every age group can use easily.

These screens with details come in sequence and pressing “NEXT” will “SAVE” information and take to “NEXT”

Knowing Body

Knowing Body also include Body Shape of User and Which Age group they belong also they have any

  • Disability
  • Any diseases
  • Went through any Surgery

All these details are really important for better suggestion.

Knowing Body

In order to know who body is flexible we ask from your users to provide information in order to know body stamina

  • How many Plank he/she can do in specific time.
  • How Many Squats he/she can do in specific time
  • How easily he/she can tough their toes without bending knees.
  • Within app we ask Users about their lifestyle whether they live Sedentary Lifestyle (Yes/No)

Moving NEXT will SAVE this information

Knowing Body

Knowing Users Problem

To provide perfect solution we should the the problem of USERS first then only we can help them best.

Within the app we ask USERS for which purpose they want YOGA whether

Here User can select

  • Weight loss
  • Sleep Quality
  • Pain Relief
  • Getting Body Posture correct
  • For glow and beauty
  • Reduce anxiety

Knowing Users Problem

On Selection of Problem we take more information about our USERS

If they Select Weight then we will let know TARGET AREA

If they select Pain Relief then we take information where the body pain eg Knee pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain etc

For every problem selected by USERSUSERS we will make then enter sub category. For example you can see screen on right side.

Hurray ! Now we are all Set

Getting above details by USERS we are all set to assist them with best Practices as per Information they provide.

  • To Make them Motivated we ask User to set Target for eg
  • What their desired body shape ? (Fit, Firm, Toned)
  • How much Weight loss they are desiring ?
  • Double chin reduction etc

Video Tutorial Of YOGA

On basis of details and Target selected above by USERS we provide users set of Video Tutorials.

Example you can see on the image attached on Right side that there are number of tutorial videos helping users to perform YOGA in correct way which are uploaded by EXPERTS.

We give option to USERS learn YOGA by watching YOU TUBE VIDEO as well as ANIMATION.

Video Tutorial Of YOGA

We give option within application for USERS to select different option

  • Beginner YOGA
  • Get FIT YOGA
  • Flexibility YOGA
  • Health Care YOGA
  • Fat Burning YOGA
  • Sunrise YOGA etc

We give different plans as well with include

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Our Plans


We can give basic plan free for USERS. Using free plan users can gain interest and take benefits without pay



We can set some amount for PRO users where we can more functionalities like live sessions



We can give more functionalities to USERS much more functionalities like Yogis can visit home, Deit plan


Admin Dashboard

We provide Admin very appealing dashboard where Admin

  • Keep record of Users & Manage
  • Upload Videos for Users
  • Manage Payment
  • Check Analytics and User Activity
  • App installations
  • Create Sub admin if require in future and grant access to Admins


As this is very Vast field we offer many Extra Functionalities.


Within app we give option to join as Yogis where various Yogis can register by filling details and also submitting relevant Certification. In this way we can give employment also Users can get sufficient teachers.

We can also get registered Physical classes run by Yogis.

Yogis can make their available slots available which Users can able to see which slot is available and booked.

Yogis can have their dashboard where they can see and manage their users, booking, available slots, payment management etc

Sell ayurvedic products (Ecommerce option) as after COVID people got much awareness and they are more lying towards YOGA, Natural Methods, Ayurvedic products.


At user level we can give option Users search yogis at near by location, book the Yogies available to visit their home, Join physical session at their near by location.



We can give number of payment option like Google pay, UPI, amazon pay , credit /debit cards, internet banking.

Water intake quantity is really important which currently people are missing in their busy schedules. We look this serious matter and give option within an app to notify users time to time to have water.

If User wants diet plan, we can give option after knowing body correctly.

We can integrated smart watches too like fitbit integration, apple watch integration.

All above will be requiring fees and all such registration would be done online and some fee goes to OWNER. (we can discuss the financial breakdown later of yogis and admin)


USERS & Yogis:

In order to make User motivated Yogis and Users collaboratively make contest and organize different challenges. This way we can promotes as well and people show their contributions more.

A Picture is
Worth a


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